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New Sudoku to print out every day  

Every day there are 24 Sudokus in 5 levels of difficulty. The number of Sudokus per page can be selected, 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 Sudokus per A4 page, so there is the right size for everyone.

The 24 Sudokus are each divided into 2 PDFs, so each PDF has 12 Sudokus with solutions, ideal for printing out. All Sudokus from the PDF files can of course also be solved as online Sudokus.

Print Sudoku as PDF  

Some prefer to solve the Sudoku classically with a pen, then of course also has the advantage that you are independent of modern technology, whether traveling, on vacation or at home, the printed Sudoku and a pen are enough for relaxing puzzle fun.

Sudoku printed out
Sudoku printed out

Sudoku questions to print out  

Where is the Sudoku PDF archive?  

Since there is now a date selection on the Sudoku to print page, you can access all Sudoku PDF directly here, no extra Sudoku PDF archive is necessary anymore.

How to print the Sudoku?  

The Sudoku are downloaded as a PDF and then simply printed out. PDF is a file format for displaying documents in the same way on all devices.

Can I print Sudoku on a smartphone?  

Yes, for smartphones there is a PDF reader and corresponding apps for printing, so you can also download and print the Sudoku with a smartphone, you only need the apps and a connection to the Internet and a printer.

Where can I find the Sudoku solutions?  

The Sudoku PDFs contain 12 Sudoku puzzles, 1 to 12 Sudoku puzzles per A4 page and a further page with the 12 solutions, i.e. 12 Sudoku puzzles including solutions per PDF. So the solutions are always included, whether you print them out directly or look them up in the PDF if necessary is up to you.

Are the Sudoku printouts free of charge?  

There are no costs for downloading the Sudoku to print out as a PDF, the entire offer is financed by advertising.

When is it useful to print out the Sudoku?  

Whenever you are in an environment that offers no or only limited Internet access and you don’t want to/can’t take a smartphone with you, it makes sense to print out the Sudoku and solve it with a pen. Whether on a vacation plane, train journey or simply on the beach, printed Sudoku puzzles are fun in many situations. There are also doctors who display printed Sudoku puzzles in the waiting room or teachers who offer students printed Sudoku puzzles after they have handed in their tests so that they can spend the rest of the time quietly.

What is PDF?  

PDF is a document format from Adobe that has established itself worldwide on the Internet. To open the files, you need a PDF Reader from Adobe, which is already pre-installed on most computers. If the PDF Reader is not installed, you can download it free of charge from Adobe.

Sudoku rules & instructions  

You don’t know Sudoku yet? Then of course we also have the Sudoku rules and a Sudoku step-by-step guide for solving a Sudoku. Maybe some of you will find a tip there that you didn’t know yet.

Word games and puzzles  

Do you like crosswords and other games with words and other puzzles? Then take a look at the Puzzles for adults. Here you will find not only text puzzles but also solution aids for various types of word puzzles.

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Sudoku to print

Normally the browser saves the PDF directly after clicking on it and displays it under "Downloads".
Sudoku per page:

1 Sudoku_2024-07-14_1A.pdf( 242 )
Sudoku_2024-07-14_1B.pdf( 156 )
2 Sudoku_2024-07-14_2A.pdf( 97 )
Sudoku_2024-07-14_2B.pdf( 93 )
3 Sudoku_2024-07-14_3A.pdf( 128 )
Sudoku_2024-07-14_3B.pdf( 95 )
4 Sudoku_2024-07-14_4A.pdf( 141 )
Sudoku_2024-07-14_4B.pdf( 126 )
5 Sudoku_2024-07-14_5A.pdf( 303 )
Sudoku_2024-07-14_5B.pdf( 289 )
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